For all children in the 8th grade, the choice of a secondary school is on the agenda this school year. This is fun and exciting and there is also quite a bit to it! Many parents of group 8 pupils wonder how they can help their child to prepare for the transition. For example, can you look at secondary schools in advance? And when and how do you actually register your child for secondary education? And what if a child needs special attention or extra support at school? For clear information about all these kinds of questions, you and your child can go to this website.

And if the answer to your question is not listed, please ask your child's teacher or send an email to:

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Request an extra interview with your child's teacher. Explain to the teacher that you disagree with the advice and especially why you disagree. If you disagree with the teacher about the advice, request a follow-up interview. Make sure that the internal supervisor and/or school leader are also present. It is important to keep the dialogue with your child's school.

Are you really unable to come to an agreement with the school? Then you can file a complaint with the school board of your child's primary school. You can find the complaints procedure on the website of the school board.

All primary schools and all secondary schools in Amsterdam and Diemen are registered with the Elektronisch Loket Kernprocedure (ELK). Your child's primary school enters the data into this system. The secondary school where you registered or enrolled your child can view all these details. Of course, this is done securely and no one else can see your child's data.

Your child's primary school will apply for a declaration of admissibility (toelaatbaarheidsverklaring, TLV) from het samenwerkingsverband in the place where you live. Do you live in Amsterdam or Diemen? Then this is samenwerkingsverband voortgezet onderwijs Amsterdam Diemen. For more information about the procedure, please visit: If you live in a different municipality, ask your child's primary school after which samenwerkingsverband is involved.

Early transfer to secondary education is only possible in very specific cases. Your child's school must discuss this with our samenwerkingsverband and het samenwerkingsverband voortgezet onderwijs (secondary education).

Yes, you can. All schools in Amsterdam and Diemen are listed on If you choose one of the schools in Amsterdam or Diemen it is possible that that school will participate in the central draw and matching procedure (centrale loting en matching) in Amsterdam. More information about the schools and this procedure can be found on

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