Does your child need extra support at school? Then the school, where your child was first registered (in writing), has duty of care (zorgplicht). This means that the school must assess whether it can offer your child suitable education. In doing so, the school will request information from you. The duty of care is obligatory for both regular schools as schools within the field of special education or special primary education.

The school has six weeks for this assessment. This period may be extended once by four weeks. During this examination period, the school is not yet required to admit your child. That is good to know.

The school's assessment can have three outcomes:

  1. The school where your child is registered can offer your child suitable education with extra support.
  2. The school cannot offer your child a suitable place, but another regular primary school can. Together with the school, you will look for another regular school for your child.
  3. The school will consider another type of education for your child, such as special education (so) or special primary education (sbo). This requires a declaration of admissibility (toelaatbaarheidsverklaring, TLV). The school will request this from our samenwerkingsverband.

In the "Handreiking Zorgplicht" you cab read all about it.

Dit wil ik graag weten

The school (the school board) has duty of care (zorgplicht). It is the intention that the school, together with you and your child, looks into the possibilities of extra support within the school or the school board. If it turns out that the school feels that your child is in a more suitable place in special (primary) education (s(b)o), the school can, with you, apply for a declaration of admissibility (toelaatbaarheidsverklaring, or TLV for short) from our samenwerkingsverband.

You are not. In general however, children are best supported if the important preliminary information is given and with good consultation between the school and the parents. That way, the school can, in cooperation with you, better and faster determine what your child needs.

It is best to contact the school board. After that, you can contact our coordinator ‘thuiszitters en zorgplicht’, Tamara Dekker. She can explain more about duty of care and what it means for the school and for your child. If your child is not attending school, it is best to contact the compulsory education officer (leerplichtambtenaar) of your municipality as soon as possible.

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