In our role as executive organisation, we have statutory tasks of both advising on and issuing declarations of admissibility (toelaatbaarheidsverklaringen) for enrolment of pupils in special primary or special education. Another important task is to ensure that there is a complete range of education on offer for all pupils.

  • The declaration of admissibility (toelaatbaarheidsverklaring). Based on the advice of two experts, the director-governor of het samenwerkingsverband issues the declaration of admissibility for special (primary) education for a pupil. In most cases, the two experts are educational advisors and social experts.
  • Advice. We provide advice and information on themes such as absence from school, duty of care and the procedure surrounding the declaration of admissibility.
  • Expert team and Autism Support Service. Through our Expert team of medical and rehabilitation assistance and Autism Support Service, we advise schools on the support of individual pupils.
  • Children not attending school (thuiszitters). Our coordinator ‘thuiszitters’ supervises the process of getting children who are not attending school back into education as quickly as possible.
  • Dyslexia gatekeeper. We assess, by means of protocols, whether pupils are eligible for a test for Severe Singular Dyslexia and if proven so, refer them to a dyslexia care provider.

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In addition to the director-governor, various other people work at het samenwerkingsverband. In terms of support there is one office-worker and two secretarial staff. Furthermore, there are policymakers, a communication advisor and a project leader for highly gifted students. Also, there is  a team leader, educational advisers, social experts, experts from the Autism Support Service and the Expert team of medical and rehabilitation assistance and a coordinator 'zorgplicht en thuiszitters' (duty of care and children not attending school).

The director-governor is responsible for managing our samenwerkingsverband. The policymakers support the director-governor in developing policy for appropriate education and all related areas, such as the support plan (ondersteuningsplan), annual plans and topics such as children not attending school and linking education with child support.

The contact details of all our employees can be found here.

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