New support Plan 2021-2025
Recently, together with our partners, we have been working hard on the new support plan for the next four school years. The result: our support plan for the period 2021-2025. It describes clear targets and intended results for the next four years and gives direction to our actions. Would you like to know what our ambitions are and where our focus lies? You can read it all about it in our support plan.

List of attachments

Attachment 1  - Rapport The Next School, data SWV, maart 2021
Attachment 2 - Samenvatting monitor SWV 2019-2020 (Feiten en Cijfers)
Attachment 3 - Format SOP, mei 2019 - aangepast in oktober 2021
Attachment 4 - Handreiking Zorgplicht, januari 2021
Attachment 5 - Werkagenda Passend Onderwijs 2021, gemeenten Amsterdam en Diemen, SWV PO en VO
Attachment 6 - Effectonderzoek SJSO, Kohnstamm Instituut, 2020 
Attachment 7a - OPR statuten > volgt
Attachment 7b - OPR reglement, maart 2020 
Attachment 9 - Kwaliteitskader passend onderwijs, July 2021
Attachment 10 - Handboek administratieve organisatie

A support plan is established for four years. This determination follows successively the approval of the affiliated school boards, the support plan council (OPR), agreement with the aldermen and director of the Samenwerkingsverband VO and approval from the internal supervisor. All parties have worked hard on a new support plan for the period 2021-2025 but unfortunately, time turned out to be too short for all parties to fully support the plan.  The support plan council wanted further elaboration on several parts of the plan and has approved the 2021-2025 support plan for a period of 1 year, i.e. until  the first of August 2022. The conditions are set out in the addendum (at the back of the plan).

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